Although you may not have heard his name, yet, Lance Curtis has grown up here in our small, historic town of Batesville, AR. Lance is definitely a Pioneer in the music industry and has had stars in his eyes for many years now. He knew without a doubt from the tender age of one, when he first stepped into the spotlight playing music with his Papa Gage and Uncle Shannon, that the stage is where he belonged. Lance greatly admired and respected his Papa, who helped him develop his craft and his passion for music. It was obvious to his family from an early age that Lance had inherited his Papa’s “ear” for music, and at the young age of only 9 years old, he became proficient in playing the guitar and piano. Lance has a true country soul and expresses that plainly in the songs he writes and the way he performs! Because he was raised on classic country music, Lance wants to hold true to his roots and mix classic sounds with today’s country radio, much like Cody Johnson, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, William Michael Morgan, Jon Pardi, Luke Combs, etc...! Lance is often told by Nashville music industry experts that he is the perfect blend of classic and modern country music! 

Lance and Lawson have had several great honors throughout their careers so far, which include things like: meeting Dave Gibson, writer of Ships that Don’t Come In for Joe Diffy; meeting Tony Aretta, writer of The Dance for Garth Brooks; meeting and chatting with Carrie Underwood, Trace Adkins, Kelly Pickler, Phil Vasser, Chris Young, Collin Ray, and Tanya Tucker; and doing a pre-show prior to the Jason Aldean concert at The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Lance has also had the honor to co-write many songs with hit writers and play in some iconic venues throughout several states. A few of his co-writes include people like the legendary Jan Buckingham, a hit writer who wrote "Cleopatra, Queen of Denial" for Pam Tillis, Bobby Keel who has 14 Gold and 12 Platinum records with various legendary artists, and many other talented writers which have more fame and notoriety for their lyrics than for their names. Before Covid19 struck fear in the hearts of many Americans, you could find Lance and his brother, 15-year-old Lawson Wayne who is Lance’s drummer and back up vocalist, playing music at famous venues like: The Bluebird Cafe, Douglas Corner, Belcourt Taps, The Commodore Grille, The Dawghouse, and Live Oak in Nashville, TN. They also played often at Puckett’s in Leipers Fork, TN; Storytellers Hideaway Farm and Museum, formally owned by the legendary Johnny Cash in Bon Aqua, TN; as well as many others! In addition, he continues to play for many amazing venues and events in his home state of Arkansas, as well as some iconic venues in the states of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia!   

Lance is a three-time nominee for Young Artist of the Year at the Arkansas Country Music Awards, and a nominee for Young Artist and Young Vocalist of the Year at The Josie's Music Awards in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. One of Lance’s songs, "Sounds Like Country"  which was released in 2019, topped the charts at #1 and held the position for eleven weeks on KABF 88.3 Radio in Little Rock, an Arkansas Country Music FM Radio Station. His latest album entitled "Sounds Like Country" was recorded at Off The Row Records in Nashville, TN with PT Houston, who produced the album. There are several songs, from Lance’s Sounds Like Country album, which are currently receiving radio airplay in Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and Switzerland. He has also been invited to do multiple radio interviews and podcasts from the states and countries listed above.  

In fact, you could easily say that Lance Curtis is a hometown Batesville boy who has been taking the music industry by storm as a Nashville Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Performer. Due to the loving support of his friends and family, he has grown leaps and bounds and accomplished great feats in a few short years. The journey to where he is at wasn’t always easy though. Over the years, Lance has sacrificed many childhood activities in order to accomplish his goals. He willingly passed on the opportunity to date many girls, gave up playing a sport that he dearly loved, and even agreed to homeschool so he would not lose sight of his dream! He has faced a lot of hard work, diversity, and negative answers throughout his career, but he never quit and he never backed down, showing his true Pioneer spirit. With every “no” he held his head high, kept a smile on his face, thanked them for the opportunity to grow, and stated, “Well, on to the next thing!” He is a warrior at heart and his parents always tell people, “Music is not just something he wants to do, it’s just who he is!”  

Lance’s big break in the music industry recently came when Kent Wells, at Kent Wells Productions, received a phone call from one of his Gospel artists regarding Lance’s talent. The Batesville native, Mrs. Debbie Cochran, who formerly hosted music shows at Simply Southern on Main St. in Batesville, invited Lance and his Papa’s band to play on a few occasions. Mrs. Cochran watched Lance grow up in the music industry and when she felt they were ready, she very graciously contacted Kent Wells on behalf of Lance and Lawson. Kent is one of the greatest country music producers in the business. He is also an Arkansas native who now resides in Nashville, TN, and prides himself on being the Legendary Dolly Parton’s producer and lead guitarist for the past 20 years, although his humility would keep him from ever boasting about that accomplishment! Several months ago, Lance’s family was eating lunch in a Nashville restaurant when surprisingly Kent phoned Lance’s mother and manager, Jennifer Caughron, and requested a meeting with the boys at Skyway Studios in Nashville. Thankfully, Lance and his family were already in Nashville for other music-related work and arranged the meeting that very afternoon. The meeting went extremely well and Kent was excited to start working with Lance to launch his career to a whole level! Just a couple of weeks later, the group met again to sign the recording contract between Lance Curtis and Kent Wells Productions at Skyway Studios. Kent has since compared Lance’s talent to great artists like Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley, and all parties are really excited about the new extended play album that is expected to be out sometime this Summer! For the past two months, Kent has been setting Lance up to work with award-winning writers like Bridgette Tatum, Pete Sallis, Jayce Hein, Bill Diluigi, Liz Ann Hill, and Corey Lee Barker who have recorded major hits with artists like Jason Aldean, Maddie & Tae, and Cody Johnson. They have also had success with Billboard chart-toppers and landed numerous cuts in television and major motion films!  

In the month of April, Lance had the privilege to do some work at Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, TN with his producer Kent Wells. They were laying down some work tracks for his EP (Extended Play) cd which is his current project. This type of cd is produced for the purpose of pitching an artist to Major Record Labels and third-party investors. Mr. Wells informed Lance that will be their next step in launching his career. It was at this recording session in Dark Horse Studios that Lance was able to give Mr. Wells and the Legendary Dolly Parton the facemasks for Covid19 that his Granny, Kathy Deaton of Batesville, AR had made. Both Kent and Dolly were very appreciative of the thought and loved their unique electric guitar masks! Once Lance returned to his hometown, Batesville, he received a message from Dolly’s cousin asking his Granny Kathy to make her two masks that she could purchase. Mrs. Deaton was happy to make those also, and she hurridly sewed them and shipped them to her!  

Lance is scheduled to return for more studio work on his upcoming EP at Dark Horse Studios in the coming weeks! You can find his current album “Sounds Like Country” on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, iHeart Radio, YouTube, and all other major streaming sites. Lance single-handly wrote and recorded all but one song on this album between the ages of 14-17. The song entitled “Gotta Be My Way” on the album was co-written with Ms. Jan Buckingham in Nashville. The Sounds Like Country album includes six professional recordings and three bonus tracks from earlier times in his career. Since Covid19 has reared its ugly head, Lance’s opportunities to travel and perform on the road have come to a screeching halt, just like it has for so many other artists! Now his fans can find him singing in his backyard around a firepit with his family while doing Facebook and Instagram LIVE videos. In today’s music industry, social media plays a huge role in an artist’s career life! The industry pays close attention to how many likes, follows, and shares an artist has acquired. If you would like to greatly help this young, local artist rapidly launch his career, please go to his social media pages to like them, follow them, and share all of his posts, stories, and music! You can also be a part of Lance’s journey and keep up with the latest on his career by following him on Facebook @LanceCurtisMusic, Instagram @lancecurtismusic, Youtube @Lance Curtis, and his website located at  

In Lance’s own words, “The music must go on!”  His dream and heart’s desire is for his music to be heard worldwide while being a positive role model for the youth and staying true to God.